Factory History

The Factory on 5th Street has been an active part of the Albuquerque art community for the past six years.
Providing affordable studio and gallery space for local artists, conveniently located and offering
a beautiful performance space. The Kosmos. has a seating capacity of over 100 and a
unique new coffee shop located within the Kosmos theater space.
Dedicated to providing Albuquerque artists and patrons a performance and theater space,
individual artists studio spaces and art galleries, and to serve the educational and
cultural programming objectives while endeavoring to engage the varied cultural and
ethnic groups throughout northern New Mexico.
This mandate yields a broad and comprehensive artistic vision which embraces both
the educational values of a growing artist community and the support of a diversified cultural audience.
The Factory 5 Gallery, 5G, opened its doors on December 5th 2009, in an attempt to
expand the options of the art community for both artists and patrons alike.

Video history of 5G shows.

Factory on 5th Contemporary Art Gallery
Contemporary Art
Painting Sculpture Assemblage
Located at 1715 5th St. Just north of downtown.

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