While visiting Tokyo, a bad toothache changes everything for this vacationer.

PRODUCTION NOTES: animation time 7min 35sec - Software = Photoshop, Poser, Maya, Final Cut Pro

Here are your comments from the Cleveland International Film Festival´┐Żs Selection Committee.
1. The animation is almost unwatchable. Very crude and amatuerish. The voices and sound seem oddly effected somewhow and are very irritating. The basic concept of the story seems like it could work, but it is not very well told. Technically, the characters' foreground movements are not very well composited or animated over the backgrounds. There are a lot of rough edges and missing peices that look like they just didn't get rendered completely. The level of this anmiation is just not up to most festival standards. The character development is poor. They don't look very endearing, and their voices sound terrible. So a good basic idea that just needs a lot more work and clean-up done to it. The music editing is very obvious. You can hear the edits where the music has been looped to fill out the sound track of the film, and as a result it is monotonous. Perhaps it is good in style, but needs more variety instead of just using the same cut over and over again.
2. This animated short had an original concept. The color was vibrant and drawings were well executed. The film quality needs some work, especially the close-ups. The audio needs some tweaking - voice quality was low, sometimes it sounded like it was in slow motion. The animation could use a little work, as well - the poor guy was sliced in half during the plane landing.
3. This was an unengaging anime film. The plot was simplistic and lacked any complexity or thought provoking insights. The graphics were difficult to watch because the quality was amatuerish. The soundtrack and voices were difficult to understand because they were slow to come out, I was not sure whether this was intentional, this made the dialogue difficult to understand at times. Because the movements were awkward it made the entire rhythm of the movie off kilter. The elements did not blend.